Things you need for a web development IN 2020

Things you need for a web development IN 2020

Why a website is needed?

A question arises in the mind of every person that why a website is needed? In today’s world website for an organization is very important. Without a website, you cant show the world about your brand. In older times people just post advertisements on newspapers or print filter papers and advertise their brand. But time has changed now. Now people started advertising online about their products and services. For this purpose, a website is needed. Without a website, you can’t show your brand your organization globally to everybody.

Things required to create a functional website:

We need a Domain and a Hosting for the development of a website.


There are many Domain providers in the market for Domain purchase. They provide all the level TLDs with this you can easily create a website. Here I will name a few of them


Hosting provides a place to host your website. Your hosting consist of a hosting panel like Cpanel or Cyber panel for working on your website backend. Your hosting provider must provide some basic things to you to launch your website like an operating system, web server, database and serve side scripting language. Some hosting providers also provide free SSL and softaclous app installer, sitepad and many more things.

Some of the best hosting providers available in the maket are

In all above fastnar provides best and cheapest hosting with some interesting features. You can choose fastnar blindly. But all others are popular brands but charges are high for them but their server are more stable.


At last i want to say you that you for creation of any website you need both domain and hosting. Almost all major domain providers sell hosting but fastnar is cheaper that all the above. And it is the brand where you can relay.

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