There will be two Internet all over the world?

There will be two Internet all over the world?

The division of the Internet may be seen in the upcoming future?

Recently we have seen that many Chinese apps are banned in India and maybe banned by the US. This signifies that the division of the internet has already started. The world is dividing its apps and websites. As china already restricted the apps from around the globe to China and the Chinese have all their own versions of apps. If in the near future China may ban google and the US may ban Huawei and other Chinese companies then we will not surprise. The two major economies are fighting with each other and America hits the heart of china that is the economy and Chinese companies are suffering from this.

Where different countries lie on the world’s two internets?

As we have seen that the world is divided into two parts in terms of the economy. India, Australia, Japan, the Us, European Union, etc are on one side and countries like Russia, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Nepal, etc are on the other side. Even Nepal started using Baidu navigation instead of GPS. The same will go on with the division of the Internet.

Last I want to say that it is difficult of predict the future but it may happen in the upcoming future as the situation is going.


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