Is 2020 the end of Donald Trump?

Is 2020 the end of Donald Trump?

Donald Trump will Die in 2020?

After Donald Trump tests positive for the Covid-19 virus the rumors are high regarding Simpson’s prediction about the trump death in 2020.  Peoples are Guessing on Social media that Due to COVID-19 Donald trump’s health will go down and ultimately he will Die. Social media now got abuzz with the Simpson prediction about the Death of Donald Trump.

What is Simpson’s prediction?

Many peoples are unaware of the prediction made by Simpsons. So, here I will tell you why peoples are worrying about Trump and why peoples are taking these predictions so seriously.

Simpson’s prediction had shown the real events many times and the situations shown in the show came true exactly as it was shown. The show of Simpson is filled with many mysteries and people are revealing some of them. So on the show of Simpson, it was shown that on 27th August Donald trump will die.

Relation of Donald Trump and Simpson’s show

In Simpson’s show, it was shown that Donald Trump will become the president of the USA in 2000. In 2000 Donald trump was not popular and it was impossible to Guess Trump as a president of the United States. But Simpson guessed it correctly. He also Guessed many events that actually took place. That’s why people are gone crazy after hearing the news of Trump having corona.

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