India to launch its own Appstore very soon

India to launch its own Appstore very soon

India will launch its own made in India AppStore in competition with Giant Apple and Google.

India is expanding its leg in the IT sector and started the competition with the IT giant . “attma nirbhar bharat” scheme is gaining popularity all over India. Indians are now reducing its dependence on foreign goods and increasing its production of Indian made goods. The government is trying to give a good market for Indian-made goods so that the Indian market can flourish and foreign companies can’t take over the opportunities from Indian companies.

After the India China clash at galwan, Indian Government is trying to free India from chinese Goods and Apps. Thats why Indian government has imposed increased tax on  chinese Goods and banned around 118 apps of china for national security reasons. This is a great opportunity for Indian companies to expand its market in India.

What is the need for Indian Appstore?

A big question arises here that what is the need for app store in india. We have recently seen that Google playstore has created monopoly in the Indian market. Almost all the app installed in india is from playstore. Google easily upgrades and downgrades the ranking of any app.

Commision of 30% in inapp purchase items

Both Playstore and Apple app store had imposed a 30% comission on inapp purchase items of every app in play store. Due to this many app developer can’t spend their money in research activities and as a result app development program will not been same as current. Thus to destroy the monopoly an alternate solution was important. Thus indian government come ahead with a plan of indian appstore.

Google own power to removes any  app without proper reason

Recently we have seen google removed Paytm from app store for violating policy of google but returned back in few hours but in future anything may be happed. So we need an alternate solution for that.

Meeting organised by many indian companies.

Many big indian IT sector comapny take part on a meeting organised on 1 october in virtual environment. Some famous companies were paytm, razorpay, make my trip, sharechal, toopr, etc. around 100 of companies take part in this meeting. I hope someting big announcement can be came from this meeting.



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