India Supported Armenia?

India Supported Armenia?

As we all know about the previous tensions led a war between Armenia and Ajerbaijan in which the Narkola – kabigah region is the main reason for this dispute.

Armenia put down different helicopters of Ajerbaijan and also attacked them as the disputed area is now under the control of Ajerbaijan.

Armenia is less populated than Ajerbaijan and also main dispute is due to their follower. Armenians are christinity follower but Ajerbaijan is Islamic country.

Many Islamic country like Pakistan, Turkey raised their voice in UN security council in favour of Ajerbaijan. But India and Russia till now didnot supported anyone but according to tensions between India and Pakistan and also with Turkey, India will definately support Armenia in upcoming days.

Also india’s relation with Armenia is worth it  and Russia will also come up in support of Armenia.

Now All are giving their best to solve their disputes and will create peace among themselves.

But the tension between both the countries are increasing daily and also a war like condition is already made between them.

Hope this disputes should end as early as possible.

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