This article is all about the Corona Warriors who are working for the Welfare of the people from  Coronavirus. This article will be followed as  Corona , its origin,  effect on lives ,Covid 19  pandemic  in India and lastly the  Corona Warriors.


The world is getting worst and worst day by day due to coronavirus .This is the highly disaster virus that the new generation have ever seen .Whole world is infected due to this pandemic. The highly developed countries like USA,Brazil ,Russia ..etc have the most cases of covid-19.

Daily New Cases :

Day by day the number of new cases is increasing. The graph will blow your mind , just see this :-

Daily deaths :

Origin :

Many Scientist have claimed that the origin of Covid-19 is from China .It is due to as the first patient of Coronavirus was a lady living in Wuhan City, China in December 2019. After getting the information about this new virus, the Chinese government did not provide the information to the WHO. This careless work of Chinese government results the current situation of the world .

Covid -19 Pandemic In India :

In India the first case of covid-19 was observed on 30th of January 2020 .Currently, India has the largest number of confirmed cases in Asia and acquires third highest cases of Covid-19 in the world followed by USA and Brazil.

Confirmed Cases : 1,435,453 

 Active Cases        : 485,114   

Recovered             : 917,568     

Death                      : 32,771 


Half of the total cases of Covid-19 is accounted by these States ; Maharashtra Delhi Gujarat UP Rajasthan . India is the second highest populated country in the world. India has a population of about 135 crore . On seeing the population of India and its active cases and comparing it with developed and less populated country like USA Russia , Brazil , then India is at a strong and good position about coronavirus .

Working Of Central and State Government :

The working of Central and state government is appreciable. They did whatever was good for country’s welfare .They have decided to lockdown country earlier in order not to spread covid-19.

Lockdown 1.0 : Started on 24 March and ended on 14 April 2020 

 And Lockdown 2.0 : 15 april – 3 May 

 Also Lockdown 3.0 : 4 May – 17 May 


As the Indian economy was at the devastating level , so the government has decided to unlock the country with proper measure and guidelines.

Unlock 1.0: 1 June – 30 june 

Unlock 2.0 : 1 July – 31 july 

India is a developing country it has both rich and poor people . In order to safe  and prevent poors from being hungry, the State and Central government decided to provide free grains to the BPL people also started special trains for them so that they can reach their native places.

W H O has praised the Indian Government and State government for their steps to be taken in the Welfare of country and the People’s protection from coronavirus .

Finally taking about Corona Warriors!!! : 

Warriors are those who prevent us from danger. In this critical period, there are some peoples who are working for us , they are saving our lives from Covid -19 .They are the real heroes of the country. They are Doctors, PoliceMen , Nurses , Medical staffs and the one who are selling essential products in this dangerous situation. Many Corona Warriors have lost their lives just to save our lives .

On 3 May ,Amit Shah salutes ‘Corona Warriors’ says ,entire country stands with them .Their unmatched contribution and sacrifice in fighting the Covid-19 appreciable. India salutes  its heroic Corona Warriors . The bravery shown by these Warriors while fighting against Corona virus is really venerable .This bravery  is truly admirable .

We all respect the Corona Warriors and have faith on them .We believe that one day they will win this war and will make country as well as world free from all disasters and keep it healthy and wealthy.




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