‘A future without limits’-MI MIX ALPHA

‘A future without limits’-MI MIX ALPHA


The Xiaomi is ready with their new product “MI MIX ALPHA”. The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is an Android-based smartphone designed by Xiaomi. It was scheduled to be released in December 2019, but has been cancelled due to manufacturing complexities.


It is a phone with a very beautiful design. It comes with a powerful snapdragon 855+ chipsets backed by 12GB of RAM and 512GB of read and write storage.It contain an in-display fingerprint and triple camera. It’s price is not specified yet but soon it will be. It’s design and 5G connectivity is its main advantage in market.

Design and looks:

Its design was very unique because its display will extends from front to back, the entire mobile phone will look like a display. It uses titanium alloy, which is hailed as a “space metal” as well as precision ceramic and sapphire glass.


ItĀ feature a triple camera with main camera of 105 mega pixel and one 12 mega pixel telephoto camera and third 20 mega pixel ultra wide angle camera. With 105MP you will get an extremely intricate and extremely clear image. Even if you zoom a image eight times, you’ll easily be able to make out every single details of your image.


It will feature 5G connectivity. Apart from that it will have a 4G, Bluetooth, wifi,etc support.


It will comes with snapdragon 855+ Chipset which is very good chipset and gives a very good speed and performance.


It contain Nano-silicon-based lithium-ion battery. Mi MIX Alpha will use a 4050mAh Nano-silicon-based lithium-ion battery with 40W wired fast charging to accommodate its fast charge design.


Mi MIX Alpha


  • Fast charging
  • Excellent camera
  • Fast charging
  • In-display sensor
  • Fast processor


  • Less battery backup

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